Monday, October 02, 2006

Personal Adjustment for Learning in the 21st Century
Just Have a Go!

In my last post I mentioned the personal adustment needed to participate in the development of a collective expertise, a bit like seeing ourselves as part of a pervasive universal energy grid instead of being individual bright sparks only capable of ingiting small shrub fires. I urge you to take your place in the grid!

I also talked about being an "unexpert" - and now I am going to put myself forward and out there as an unexpert and take my place and participate in the learning conversation. I want to talk about what I think post modernism is in the context of learning.

Can you see the model, the personal adjustment I am demonstrating here? I haven't read widely, or debated post-modernism at any length with anyone. I can't tell you who has come up with the defining ideas on the topic - but I have my own ideas that I want to put forward, whether they be too simple or not well informed and I will probably not look very clever - but people with more info about postmodernism and learning will expand my knowledge, point me in the right direction. Maybe other people will talk about how the ideas relate to them, or raise their own ideas.

One thing is sure and that is that collective expertise will always have greater depth and breadth than individual expertise (I guess it would have been enough to say that three heads are better than one!).

I will have a go and reap or regret the consequences. The personal adjustment I need to make to further my learning is to just to have a go and have the conversation. No pointing and laughing please!

Now because like most learners I have lots of stuff going on in my life I will have to leave my ideas about post modernism in learning to the next post. The scene has been set and we will keep talking.

I would love to connect to you via this blog by linking our blogs together via the blogroll, although as I write there is no blogroll on this blog at the moment. Post me a comment with a link to your blog and we will converse that way! We can have a go together!

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