Sunday, March 11, 2007

I wanted to be in Adelaide............

Do you remember the show called "Romper Room"? Through the magic mirror the hostess would call out all the names of the children she could "see" in the magic mirror. It was like that at the recent TALO Adelaide swap meet - via webconferencing I could see Leigh and Alex and Bill and Graeme and Robyn and Stephan. But it was like looking through the bubble or talking through ectoplasm.

Robyn Jay sensitively and expertly stepped in as a channel between worlds, and it would have taken the energy that a psychic medium would use to communicate from the "other side".

The conversations were interesting and I wish I was there (especially for the alleged drinking that happened later!). I did learn some things about web-conferencing so that my learners will never have to feel like their noses are pressed up against a window but they can't get in.


Stephan said...

I agree Anne we did a poor job of including the virtual audience at the event. A little of this was technical but most of it was the fact that we did not include the virtual audience as participating attendees at the event.
The lessons learned around holding webinairs has been a valuable for for me.
Thanks for your feedback

Anne Paterson said...

Thanks Stephan,

I am trying to think of the practical strategies that I would put in place for similar events, especially since I have agreed to be on of the online hosts for the FLNW2 tour to Phillipines Jan 08

I guess things like speakers for the room and projection of the text chat would be a practical help. Maybe the real world participants could also text chat throughout the presentation.

On the external participant side of things though there needs to be some sort of protocol about participating e.g make relevant comments and ask questions - take some responsibility about the type of participation. There is some basic stuff too that I didnt know about private messages not being private - very entertaining but potentially very disruptive.

I would love to hear what you think, any further advice appreciated from anyone out there with experience.

Jenny said...

Love the Romper Room analogy! You know, I actually went on Romper Room when i was 4. I managed to halt filming by throwing up all over the studio floor! (True) Miss Patricia was *not* happy.

Good luck with FLNW2.