Friday, April 27, 2007

Knowing of the Ages

Well, this is my own space for learning, so I can put my own brand new poem here if I want too!
The poem has a theme of collective humanity, and how we all know what has always been known. Three stanzas with four lines each, every first and third line rhyming!! It was fun to write. People out there who have inspired this, you know who you are!

Knowing of the Ages

Ages of knowing clouded by arrogance
Ancient and holy ways disregarded
Everyday living provides only dissonance
Alienated from truth and beauty

Slice and dice time and space
Energy and humanity weave us together
Emerging from the same trace
Humanity is a rough and jagged diamond

Insight of a million eyes from long days lived,
Human fretting ebbs away
The jagged rough diamond yields to give
Past, present and future meshed.

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