Wednesday, June 27, 2007

An Eventful Life!

Woollahra Philharmonic Orchestra - Fantasia

This concert was in collaboration with Urban Arts Base and included screening of original artworks developed by young artists in response to particular pieces and used as a multimedia pictorial backdrop.

Original artwork, multimedia production and an orchestra, each on their own a rich treat, but together are absolutely a Fantasia!

Anselm Kiefer, NSW Art Gallery

Mixed media including clay, thorns, oxide and straw. Shattered glass, plastered Victorian dresses with headless form. This exhibition has expanded my experience and understanding of art. Not to mention the mounted propeller inscribed with Love, Hope, Belief on each of the three blades. The propeller has come off the plane, the plane has crashed, when Love Hope and Belief come away from our lives, then we crash.

Sydney Youth Orchestra - Riverside Theatre, Parramatta

Not just because my son plays the trumpet for the SYO, but because even a newbie to the orchestral scene like I am couldnt fail to be moved by and appreciate the power and passion of the Shostakovich piece played in the second half. Very tight and professional, I guess all the other mothers of SYO members are as proud as I am and delighted that their offspring are in such delightful and talented company!

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