Monday, July 09, 2007

Riverview Hotel Balmain

Image: 'Oh my God it's Damien Leith 1'

There is a really good Irish band on the Second Sunday of every month from about 5.00pm at the Riverview Hotel in Balmain/Birchgrove.

We enjoyed them, as did the crowd of locals who seem to use the Riverview as a community loungeroom, lots of cheer and spirited joining in with the singing. Balmain provided an eclectic mix of folk this particular Sunday night, including Frank a philosopher and classical pianist, Damien Leith and his beautiful family and other poets, performers and writers!

Damien generously and genuinely performed two items, including the modern day hymn Hallelujah, recently released as a cover by Jeff Buckley, and possibly originally recorded by Leonard Cohen, let me know if this isnt accurate! I hold a mental image of Damien with the band in the rustic pub setting singing with all his soul to his family and friends, and the community in the bar that night.

I thanked him for performing,"no problem!" he said.

Reminds me of a quote on Alfie's blog "be excellent to each other".

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