Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas News!

Feels like a happy and joyous Christmas to me! All is well in my world!

I have a new job as a multimedia instructional designer which is a direction I have really wanted to move into more strongly. My first jobs after Christmas will be to research any available learning objects that relate to the units of competence and then draft a storyboard in consultation with end users. I should get the opportunity to learn some new software. My aim is to weave the use of the learning resources into a Web 2.o delivery framework - a best of both worlds approach. There is talk also of a Second Life project, not sure what area yet, but I would love to continue the one I started in my old job!

What else, hmmm, I am getting my Skype phone organised to use - I decided if I cant have Skype on the work computer I would carry it with me - it is an indication of how much I need my network that I am doing this!

Have opted to fix computer rather than buy new one, oops bought piano instead! Missed the JoKaydia Christmas party though which would have been huge!

Problem of the moment is how to put content from my wiki on to moodle, not only how, but even whether I should really bother - orobably better to move onto new things like making slides for Adobe Connect presentations in the new year. Yes, I think that is a decision. New material only on to the moodle, wont go over work I have already done!

A few days after Christmas I will be meeting Barbara Dieu and have the honour of showing her some of our beaches before meeting up with Rose G. in Wollongong - should be fun and I am sure I will be more of a webhead after I meet Bee! I will also be meeting Ethan Hayes for the first time on his first Christmas visit to Sydney with Alex and Jane.

Looking forward to joining in online with the FLNW tour, and the Electronic Village Online events.

Will be moving this blog over to in the near future but not until I can work out, or someone shows me, how to make it look better - and I just had this one starting to look the way I wanted it to!

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