Saturday, December 01, 2007

Virtual World at Work and Capabilities

After reading the latest NSW Learnscope Blog post I wanted to bring this link about Sun Microsystems virtual office into view again. This link was distributed a few weeks ago by Sean Fitzgerald, for some reason I cant see or find an embed code so I will just have to put the link here. This is a movie I would show anyone who wants to know why learning in virtual worlds is a serious direction and what sort of skills learners need or will learn in a virtual world that equips them for work!

I have been spending time thinking about the capabilities I would like to develop in four broad areas - technology, design, leadership and communication. Maybe thats just three broad areas because capability in technology, design and leadership are all underpinned by communication.

Or maybe the encompassing capabilities are adaptiveness and flexibility, an ability to develop and embrace new ways of doing things, to take new directions at speed, but not leaving behind knowledge gained by experience.

Anyway the world, the people in it, ideas and technologies are moving on and I am enjoying being in the traffic of life sometimes as a driver, sometimes as a passenger, sometimes as maintenance person and even sometimes as the irritating backseat driver!

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