Monday, March 24, 2008




Jacinta Gascoigne said...

Thank you so much for adding the widget for Infinite Entertainment.
We have another charity gig supporting beyond blue the national depression initiative on the 28th March 2008 - MusicLand and Asylum TV ready to run and some great Australian Talent Live On Stage.
From there another on the 3rd of May 2008 - same place, Asylum of course will be there to capture the night and pop it to air on Channel 31.
Reverbnation is another site/tool that musicians are starting to use more and more - reasons soon on my blog...
I have many widgets on my blog at present for different bands etc - a bit of a test to see if the widgets are worth the time - well a click of the mouse.
What I can say Anne is that when I checked the statistics before, your profile had in fact sent the most fans our way who then checked out the songs etc.
Thanks again for the placement. If anyone else would like to do the same, even just for the next 10 days, I would love to track, where all is coming from and which widgets are the most effective.
I will blog about it with figures and pics late next week, when The Infinite Indie Australian Smile Power Spectacular is over and we have recovered.

Anne Paterson said...

Hi Jacinta, I would like to keep an audio widget in my sidebar and change it every month. I went over to your blog and picked up the Evi Grant widget - beautiful music! This will definitely make my blog a good experience for readers! I will check back for new artists every few weeks/month!