Sunday, June 22, 2008


Where is everyone? Twitter - no answer, Skype - not connecting, gmail - not available. I think I have fallen off the grid again, musnt have been putting in enough online hours.

Best thing I have seen is Stephen Downes use of camtasia in putting his newsletter out. Thats what I need, a purpose to make or create something from all the fantastic tools out there. Plenty of ideas here, but no real purpose to put them to.


Graham said...

I think that your post title describes my recent efforts online as well. I don't have anything worth blogging, I feel out of step and urgent pressing issues keep rising up to suck my spare online time away from me. How does one get fully connected again?

Anne Paterson said...

Thanks graham, I have responded back on your blog - just saying I am reconnecting by answering comments and posting on other peoples blogs - and twittering more consistently/like a mad thing!