Sunday, December 23, 2012

Social Media sensibilities

There is always more to learn, and no better way to learn than when you have a purpose. 

Just what I needed for Christmas! With this useful and comprehensive resource from  and other content from that site I am getting the social media strategies  for and some other clients ready to roll. 

I am very interested in how to get all my google and linked in ads, blog posts, promotion pages and  twitters, working together in a streamlined efficient way.

Before I launch into this though I am trying to consider what it will be like for people on the other side of this burst of media. I know I cant just broadcast ads because this is irritating for people on the receiving end. I really dont want people doing a virtual crossing the road to get away from me when they see a facebook or twitter post from me!

The strategy below asks me to set a number of posts per day, I really need to think about what will be in those posts that could be of value and wont drive people crazy. 

I will think about it over Christmas!

Image of social media plan cover page

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