Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Getting CLC savvy

I am a participant of the NSW Connected Learning Community Learnscope (CLC) team. I am committed to the concept underpinning the project - to develop knowledge and learning through connection and conversation using Web 2.0 and social software.

I have only just begun to realise how ambitious this project is in its intention for individuals of varying skill level and committment to 1. embrace the concept
2. develop fully operational personal learning environments 3. commit to engaging in the dialogue of the community - all in a time frame of 3 or 4 months.

Embracing the concept is easy, as educators using Web 2.0 tools and applying constructivist and connectivist theories to enhance accessible and flexible learning, we love it!

Developing the fully operational personal learning environment, not so easy.

It has taken me longer than I thought to get to (not highly enough prioritised?) and longer than I thought to learn how to tweak the template and create the connections. Half my problem is forgetting my password for bloglines to share my blogroll, and there is always Second Life to explore - have had much more fun getting Jo Kay and Sean Fitzgerald to show me great places to buy great clothes and hair for my avatar!

Commiting to engaging in the dialogue of the community, well I think that will come as the community gains momentum. From what I can see, members of the community are at different stages - some are blogging, some are not, some are connected, some (me) are not.

With the benefit of hindsite it is my opinion that this project potentially has two phases - the first would be getting ready for the CLC, - and the second would be the CLC in action.

Words like evolving and coalescing lodge in my mind when thinking about the CLC. If you peer closely individual members are evolving at different rates, standing back and looking at the community as a whole it is easier to see how the group is transposing.

The spirit of the CLC was ignited by Sean Fitzgerald, as a community all we have to do now is put our weight behind its gathering momentum.

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Wendy Zammit said...

HI Anne, great to see your new blog. I'm really looking forward to conencting with you in this community.