Friday, October 06, 2006

Taking Risks to Learn in the Network

Postcard of me/my avatar, AnnaB Paterson, on a horse in SecondLife.

At the moment my avatar is running around in Second Life without hair and sometimes I cant make her stop dancing. Sometimes I manage to detach all her clothes leaving her naked in public places, something respectable educators should never do! Am I embarrassed at branding myself as such a newbie, you bet I am, but I do it anyway.

I am finding myself with either thicker skin or more willingness to take risks in participating in the Network. It is a risk because I am forever exposing what I don’t know in order to develop my learning – I feel I am developing the attribute of being less self conscious in going about my learning. When all my clothes fall of I am uncomfortable, but I am still in the network and I am still learning.

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