Sunday, December 24, 2006

New Look, New Life

This year I hope to be helping teachers demonstrate educational uses of secondlife. However, on reading Alex Hayes post about people neglecting their first life for their second one, I am attending to my first life, first!

Here is a newly scanned and cropped photo of me ready for whatever 2007 brings! I am newly living on my own, in a new location, and with a new outlook on life. I am re-energised, re-vitalised and re-oriented! With all this going on a first and second life may not be enough!

Much to learn and do! Machinima and gamics to make. Digital stories to tell, and Mobstr to mobilise! Listen in over at Talking VTE to see what Alex Hayes, Regan Harding and I have been dreaming up.

I am feeling so good about myself I might even change my secondlife avatar to look just like me, instead of the hot blonde bombshell that I am currently disguised as - and I will put human connection and conversation first!


Downes said...

Good luck. Go get 'em.

Anne Paterson said...

Thank you Stephen, will be looking for opportunities to connect!

Bee said...

Good to read about your new look and outlook, Anne and looking forward to meeting you here in blogosphere or in SL! Do not forget the EVO either!
May 2007 bring you all you desire.
Warm regards from Brazil.

Anne Paterson said...

Thanks Bee! I will "see you" at EVO! It is great to be getting to know you via the blogosphere,and I loved all your photos from the FLNW NZ tour! I am pleased to have the link to your blog now too! I have some plans for projects with SecondLife that I have been talking to Jo Kay and Sean Fitzgerald about - please check out under Engaging Young People, comments and links welcome!

Jim said...

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Jim said...

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Robert said...

Both sad and very happy for you Anne.
Good Luck and great life,