Thursday, January 18, 2007

Last Five Minutes to Participate

It is five minutes to midnight on the “Doomsday Clock”.

John Hallam from Friends of the Earth Australia says a number of grave concerns have prompted the step (of moving the clock closer toward midnight).
"Some of the psychological and political barriers to the unthinkable (nuclear strikes) are being gradually demolished."

If psychological and political barriers preventing the most hideous of strikes against humanity are now lessening enough for nuclear attack to be thinkable why can we not use the same power of our intentions to make possible the philosophical changes that support the preservation and development of a harmonious society.

Is it so hard to make thinkable a change in the paradigms of the way we think, live and work – technologically, spiritually and economically - to embrace altruism for, and connection with, other people. At least we won’t all be so quietly desperate in the last five minutes. There is much more power in creation than destruction.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne

Just commenting to let you know that I've looked at your blog.


alexanderhayes said...

A great post. Really gets me thinking. I'm tappin g you on the shoulder. We need to speak about the bid for the Leadership groups for Mlearning this year.