Wednesday, May 23, 2007

When a blogger stops blogging

I have had bloggers block, when so many things pierce my conciousness and my heart that I dont know what to write next.

So I will write about life, which I have been contemplating since seeing the play Shadowlands last Saturday night.

The whole deal about life is that you cant remain neutral if you really want to live. Participating means feeling and feeling covers a huge spectrum. How do you feel all of your feelings fully and still survive? Even being very happy can be exhausting, let alone being sad.

When I stop to rest my feverish head on a damp and shady piece of ground in the garden I find myself. It is the same core self that has been there all along. I recognise my inner self as ok and whole, whatever is happening in the world that hurts, excites or exhilirates me. Once or twice in the past I felt I had disintegrated and that was a crisis. Now whenever I look inside I am there whole and ok.

I know and give unconditional love to my companions on myown heros journey- my beloved, my family and my friends. "People dont live perfect lives" so the love has to be unconditional to be nurturing, healing,, affirmative, powerful and life-giving. I believe in love as devotion to whom and what you believe in.

Creativity as a life line and life force - I want to paint, draw,listen, read, write, photoshop, think, I am voracious for ideas that cross time, space, culture and perceptions of greatness in all its contexts. I want to mix and employ technologies that connect me wherever I want to be or get to, and communicate with who Iwant to, in a way I want.

I still want to talk about evolution, spirituality, wisdom and balance, but for now I think I have written enough for a blogger who hasnt blogged for a while.

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