Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mlearning Leadership Network - some ideas and info

Soon as I get a chance I will organise a webconference with the NSW Learnscope Mlearning Leadership Network to collaborate on the applications to teaching and learning of the information and tools that I have linked to here! Thank you Alex, Sean, Wendy and Leonard Low - and some of the links I actually found myself!

I am also excited to hear the teams ideas and interest, and the directions to take with mobile learning that they are dreaming up, that we will all learn from!

One other thought is that team members could join mobile twitter so we can all keep each other inspired and up to date with our ideas. Join twitter, activate your phone as per the instructions and add the team members as your friends, starting with me (Anne Paterson) ! I will try and put my twitter badge on the wiki so we can see all the twitterings!

Here are some starter ideas and info for us to work on! If you are on the team, get on to the wiki and add yours, or link us to wherever your ideas are. Use the comment field here if you like!

Fantastic info and resources on mobile computing - Wendy Zammits course

Create learning material for download to Ipods - see - mobile poetry resources

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