Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mlearning Leadership Network - straightening out communications

Its ironic that as the facilitator of the mobile learning leadership network, with the idea of 'always on' and easy communication that I have opened up the communication channels to the point where I think I may have created some confusion about points of contact for our team.

I will straighten this out now!

The main contact point for communication is http://nswlearnscope.wikispaces.com. Go to the Leadership link and then click on MLearning. Here you will find the main project page. The idea is that members build their own page on the wiki, or link to their main pages elsewhere. You will see I am linking to this blog, and that this is the second blog post to the team.

I started using a group email, then changed to a google group - but I am still not sure if everyone is receiving messages, will try once more with the google group! Ideally I will get everyone to join Skype for ready contact.

Twitter is being experimented with by some members of the group that have received emails. If the whole team can get on Twitter and activate their phones then we can instantly link to each other for inspiration, advice or just to share new links! I have asked members to load their twitter badges to the wiki home page so we have a display of twitter text from everyone that is in one spot and always updated. Its also interesting to think about how twitter might be used in a teaching and learning context, although I understand that this is a twist on what it is intended for.

Did anyone get to follow up the links from my last post? Any thoughts, anything to add?

We will have an online meeting very soon, but first I need to make sure the communication channel is working for everyone! It is my plan to call everyone in the next day or two!!

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