Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Impact of the Mobile Phone on Work/Life Balance

Some key findings from the mobile phone study that are of interest to me and that I will be taking into account as I plan teaching strategies that utilize mobile phones.

Especially since “an estimated 94 per cent of Australians own a mobile phone, and for some, it is their most treasured gadget.” (hmmm surely this doesn’t include the under eight year olds?!:)):

The Impact of the Mobile Phone on
Work/Life Balance

Preliminary Report
June 2007
Australian Research Council
Linkage Project

–There is a very high awareness of 3G (86% of males and 75% of females). But 61% of respondents indicate that they do not access internet services via their mobile phone. The lag in take-up is a topic for further research.

–Logs of actual calls made and SMS texts sent show that the predominant use of
the mobile is for contacting family and friends, with work-related reasons far
less important. Men make more calls for business purposes, while women use the mobile for social connectivity.

-Over two-thirds of the respondents report that the mobile phone is an important
medium for maintaining kinship ties, especially for women. The mobile is a device well suited to maintaining intimate relationships at a geographical

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