Wednesday, August 08, 2007


As part of the MLearning Leadership Network each participant has been asked to implement mlearning strategies. I will put my plans here. As in the past my interests are around engaging learners in reading and writing by using the mobile phone as a content generation and communication tool.

TwitterVerse (project title coined by Alex Hayes!)is a project designed to expose learners to poetry and to encourage learners to try writing some poetry.

1. Collect poems with topical appeal to learners, depending on age and background of target group.

2. Teacher and Learners establish twitter accounts with teacher and each class member, or group member listed as a friend so communications from others are received.

3. Learners to download Apollo Twittercamp for display purposes if working off campus

4. Teachers to download Apollo Twittercamp for display purposes if classroom delivery.

5. Learners examine collected poems and send the lines or quotes they find most meaningful and their reflections about each others posts to Twitter, noting the author -e.g "If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you" Kipling.

6. Twittercamp displays all incoming lines and reflections.

7. Learners send twitter messages about favourite lines and their own reflections and create their own to send.

8. Learners develop their own lines and send to class moblog with images that illustrate lines.

9. Learners collaborate and contribute to digital story with class images and learner narration using original or favourite lines of poetry from the moblog.
In a practical sense this would be achieved by learners adding their images and narrating their lines on to a class photostory.

I will let you know how it goes and there may even be a digital story to view!


Sean FitzGerald said...

Tag! Your "it"!

alex said...

Hi Anne,
Alex seems to come up with a lot of good titles...
I have added you to my blogroll so you are not left out,s we can't ahve that now can we? Thank for the link to your blog as well, I am looking forward to reading more!
Alex Miller