Thursday, September 06, 2007

YWCA Online!

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It is Spring and the YWCATraining07 Learnscope project is bringing forth the fruit and flowers that have been tended by Scott, Judith, Kerrt, Sandra, Alice, Caecilia and Paul.

There are many elearning achievements of this group – the combined and advanced use of Edublogs and Blogger including vodcasts and the use of some Web 2.0 tools like a newswidget and a shoutbox as a two-way interactive delivery system. The use of YacaPaca to create and deliver assessment items and gather evidence. The development of a team blog with learners to build community and share learning.

There is a pregnant pause now as the community that is this team coalesces around collaborating on the development of online training for a wide range of VET qualifications. The application of the skills of the team is impressive, but no less than the synergy created by this group of educators in getting their training online. They will use the models and systems they have developed – by Christmas all of their online training offerings will be born. We will be able proudly show our progeny at the end of year workshop!

The YWCA LearnScope team's work has generated interest in the rest of the organisation in new communication tools & strategies. Two programs delivering community education in multiple locations across the state have asked Learnscopers for help in setting up blogs or wikis to facilitate communication amongst their program participants, so we have invited them to share their explorations on thier own pages on our team's Learnscope

Listen to how Scott and Judith have worked together in getting their courses on-line, and then hear Sandra talk about how YacaPaca works as an online assessment tool!

Scott and Judith talk about putting courses online!

Sandra talks about YacaPaca

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