Sunday, September 09, 2007

Gnostic Corner – Woy Woy

We were only an hour from Sydney but the heavy chains that weigh over us in our working week lifted, giving a light and feathery feeling to our upper bodies, helped by a rigourous breeze that gave my hair life by moving it friskily in all directions. It was like this poem that was recently brought to my attention by Michael to help me feel happy.

Fresh, fresh, fresh and renewed. A tapestry of seagulls, warm sunshine, and brisk breeze. Pretty shops, and shops with pretty and interesting goods and services. Stepping back into old ways of knowing – natural food store, natural health and beauty servies, a plant and flower nursery, a café that you wanted to go into because the food on everyones plates looked so good, and everyone was smiling.

Image Gnostic forest. Out of them all Gnostic Forest held my attention for over an hour, not just all the sparkly things, but the wide range of unique and colourful clothing, the luminous crystals set in ornate rings and lively bracelets, silky embroidered bags and scarves, all vivid and rich. An impression of timelessness in the pace of the shop, personal attention to help you find what you were looking for. Surprises of every kind on the shelves.

It was fun and I want to go back again.

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