Sunday, September 09, 2007

Heroic Leadership

This book speaks to me about the way I think the world should be.

Chris Lowney describes the Four Pillars of Heroic Leadership as Heroism, self-awareness, ingenuity and love.

Love and valuing of the individual by management, I would like some of that! . Loyalty built of affection and commitment to shared goals. Supporting individuals to imagine and strive toward heroic ideals. Quick footedness and use of the intellect in responding to global needs, sounds like innovation to me..

Everyone is a leader, everyone is a hero, all we need to do is love each other. Very much a mentality of plenty for everyone. Chris Lowney explains how, even when your achievements are not heralded, or you don’t achieve the desired results, your acts are still those of a leader and no less heroic.

He points out that all the medical researchers who didn’t discover cures made it possible for others to follow another track perhaps proving to be the right one
Explorers who weren’t able to put a new country on the map were heroic for showing us what wasn’t there, so other explorers could look somewhere else.

I am only early in the book but I am sure there will be more in it that I will want to talk about here later.

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