Sunday, September 09, 2007

I WILL work it out!

I did! I did! I worked it out, although not without a little help from my friends who patiently explained, explained again and in then in one direct stroke provided the missing piece of information.

I knew about Audacity, in fact had it ready on my computer to edit audio files. Fiddled around with it to make it work, cursed myself for not taking more notice the first time Sean and Stephan showed us how to do it,. Cursed myself again for acting like I had known the whole time how to podcast.

I knew about Podomatic, so I opened an account – only to realise again that I didn’t know as much as I thought. My Podomatic page doesn’t look right, will work on it but it just looks incomplete somehow, and I get the feeling I am only half using it correctly. I would really like to get a link to my podcast badge on my blog, so I will work on that too. Will have to look back at the impressive Casting the Net pages, and Talking VTE and work out what I need to do!

I knew the files had to go on Podomatic as MP3 files, and I could clearly see the “Export as MP3 menu item” - but then came the message lame.enc.dll file missing. OK, get lame enc file put it in audacity folder. Next message, must ilocate file for Audacity. Now I was puzzled and panicy (panicy because now was confirmed that I really had no idea at all), the lame file was in the Audacity folder, where exactly did it need to be located, it was in the same folder for goodness sake, couldn’t cosy up any closer.

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