Saturday, October 13, 2007

Young People Learning

This story “Digital literacy in a knowledge economy”By John Hartley ABC News 13 Dec reminded me that my passions in teaching and learning are still the same as they ever were, young people, technology, philosophy, power, equality,negotiation, collaboration, creativity, content generation, literacy, ENGAGEMENT

Here is a quote from the story that brought it all back for me

“Teens evidently don't see computers as technology. It's as if they're born with an innate ability for text-messaging and gaming. And while they may not be able to spell they can tell you their life story on MySpace, entertain you on YouTube, muse philosophically in the blogosphere, contribute to knowledge on Wikipedia, create cutting-edge art on Flickr. If they're anything like my daughter they can do most of these things at once, and then submit their efforts to an online ethic of collective intelligence (via msn, SMS) and iterative improvability that is surely scientific in mode.”

Bill Wade who is running Mobilize This gets it and is working with other educators and young people to share it. Why don't you join in, I will be via the online Adobe Connect virtual room, details below:

This Symposium is for
• young people who wish to become more adept at accessing this technology or want
to share what they already know
• youth who like to communicate and socially network using a variety of technology
• educators across all disciplines
• people already engaged in this field who would like to extend their capabilities
(share your knowledge and experience and gain a broader perspective of hands-on
• anyone interested in gaining anunderstanding of recent technological
developments and implications for flexible delivery of training and education.

Don’t miss this opportunity
To participate in this exciting and valuable
gathering please register through and add
your name to the registrants’ list.
Charles Darwin University’s Mal Nairn
Auditorium and Foyer

Online via: Adobe Connect, Wimba, Vet
Virtual, Elluminate and Second Life Rooms
(connectivity details will be listed under each
session on the agenda page).
October 19 8:30-4:00 CST Darwin, NT
9:00-4:30 AEST

Web 2.0 and social networking technologies
are rapidly becoming standard and essential
tools used by students and educators for their
teaching & learning.
Updates and Details
For updated details visit us online at:

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