Thursday, November 08, 2007

OurWorld 3.0

I am going to tell you what I really think in this post.

In Philip Larkins words from the poem "High Windows" I dont have to "hide what you(I) think of the priest" anymore.

Education 3.0
Dont forget everything about education as you know it, dont forget the wisdom and experience that great teachers have made available to their learners. Just forget about associating any personal power with that - read my lips - we are not better people because we are teachers. Offended? Good, think about it.

As teachers we are just another node in the network - give by example, learn from the example of the networks and the other learners around us.Forget anything that has to do with treating groups of learners as one faceless group. The individuals that are our learners today have the means of connecting in ways we havent even thought of. Their world of learning and information is faster and flatter than anything we have provided yet. Not just young learners either, the tools are employable by all learners that want to connect and get out there.

Management 3.0
Management, you are only as clever as your network is, and only as influential as the quality of what you share with the network and the practise of your leadership. Vision, wisdom, leadership and compassion are not about power, they are about improving the world for everybody and everything. For your clients and customers, for your suppliers, for your colleagues, and for the families of those colleagues. For sustainability of resources, natural and financial. You need a far reaching and noble outlook as a Manager 3.0.

Family and Friends 3.0

We are family by kin, by social ties, by shared interests and by common causes. Family 3.0 is afforded close ties by the ability to share thoughts and lives through the social networks and sharing of media.

My brother may be in his office in Germany, but I have seen him at work there over my webcam, and we have shared a break and a coffee. I know when he last painted his apartment, and whether the hedgehog has been back or not this year. He hasnt lived in Australia for over 20 years. He pops in and out of my mum and dads computer as regularly as I drop in. He is still as much as a favourite as I am! He met my partner and approved within weeks of our meeting.

My childrens friends from primary school have moved to Armidale, to Brisbane, to different high schools - geographical location and time away dont hinder the development of friendship any longer. I am still connected to some of my childrens friends that are now two or three years into uni and work via instant messaging - I treasure these intermittent but ongoing casual insights into their lives.

Language and Culture 3.0

When you get networks of people from all over the world collaborating to create new and virtual communities you get a huge opportunity to overcome barriers presented by language and culture.New and open approaches to language and culture, breaking down barriers to understanding and dissolving misunderstanding are the hope for new worlds. We see these new worlds emerging through flat networks and virtual environments such as Second Life and even other online games like Neopets or HabboHotel.

No pictures today, I don't feel like it.

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