Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Just found this, perfectly timed to follow my post on my thoughts about Osmosis and Diffusion.
Did everyone else already know about this?! Applications for teaching and learning present themselves readily - in world group assignments, communication skills, team management, even the old telephone skills take a new twist!
It works like this: your Second Life avatar gets a little handset called a Heads Up Display (HUD). From this, you can ring or text other avatars in the virtual world. If you are offline when your avatar receives a text, it will be sent as an SMS to your real-life mobile. You can also have your Second Life calls redirected to your real mobile if you so choose. If you need to track down a Second Life avatar, you can also call into the world direct from your real phone. Essentially, you need not separate the communications within and without the virtual world. Watch the video, wish I could embed it here!

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