Thursday, May 29, 2008

That was May Part 1

May followed April and the excitement of my brother and hiw wife Janet visiting from Germany. My brother the plasma physicist, his life work and passion. April also gave us Mum and Dads 50th anniversary, now there is an occasion with heart where the dearest relatives assembled to celebrate and the original bridesmaids rock n' rolled. Mum and Dad were the king and queen of the day looking gratifyingly young and fit, as Mum said, when they had their wedding most of the guests were teenagers and children, their brothers and sisters.

Last week was notable because I was offered a new job. The work is well withing my capabilities but the new position will liberate me to manage and produce in a way that is most suited to my strengths.Is it because my birthday was coming up that this gift has been bestowed on me. I will unwrap this gift and hold its arrival as precious.

I have drafted this as a much longer blog post, but it is late so I will create another entry tomorrow! If you aren't a blogger yet all I can say is treat yourself to this opportunity to reflect and connect and start your own blog!

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