Monday, May 19, 2008

Well, I missed out on funding to use two way distributed video from teachers and learners on wikis, but when you lose one sometimes you win something else, and this time there are two or three positive spin-offs.

The first one is that one way or another the unfunded project will happen anyway,by other means. Secondly I have a RFID Learning Table and an N95 to experiment with, it has just occurred to me I can explore the use of these separately and interacting togerher.

My plan for the N95 is to use it as a creation, display and storage unit for course material generated by teachers and learners. I am not thinking about transmitting this material over the network, rather just uploading and downloading from the internet, or using MMC cards. This week I will test whether an Adobe Presenter file will run on the N95.

In researching another funding source, which I decided not to submit for, I have made some contacts for a mediascape type gps project with a group of indigenous learners, I would love tto do this project.

From talking to people who blog I have gained some insights about how blogs are being used – by mothers groups, journalists, marriage celebrants, party plan businesses, religious orders and even scrapbookers! There are different subtleties in the communication requirements for each of these groups and I enjoy seeing how Web 2.0 tools are configured to meet each of their needs.

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